Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Drying Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are one of my favorites. I use dried hydrangeas in vases and wreaths throughout the house. Tips on drying the flowers.
* The best type of Peegee is the standard tree from, not the bush. The Peegee is known as four seasons because of the stages of color- white to green to pink and to brown.
*They are ready to pick for drying when a burgandy tone forms on the tips and the flowers on the branch are firm to the touch.
* Look for the ones that have a define cone shape. They are appealing and hold there shape.
*Hang them upside down to dry. The green and burgandy tones stay bright for up to a year. Beyond that they turn a pretty beige color.
Dried or live hydrangeas gives a cottage home charm.


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Stephanie! Hydrangeas are my favorite too! I don't have any of the Pegee variety though. I have to get some because I just love the way they dry!

Lynn said...

Hi Stephanie, Very nice post about your hydrangeas :)) Last year my bush was exploding with pretty hydrangeas....this year it only had a couple of blooms. Wonder why? xoxo Lynn

Shabby Cottage Boutique said...

I dry hydrangeas too,this one is my favorite.I live in a beach summer town and the cottages here have tons of hydrangeas..I guess they do well near the water someone told me.

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