Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Pink Friday at MMP!!

Stitches in Time; tiny stitches holding the hem of a linen napkin, stitches intertwined to make the most delicate lace, stitches crocheted by the smallest hook, stitches through canvas strengthened by wool yarn. It's these stitches created out of love that adorn a bedspread crocheted for a granddaughter's wedding, a sampler commemorating the birth of a child, a fine table cloth made to entertain the most important guests and family at Thanksgiving. Each of these stitches has survived the test of time and is so much more appreciated today as gifts from our past and treasures of our future.Join the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for our "Stitches in Time" PINK Friday event, September 26. You will find the most cherished item stitched with time and love.To view all the praticipating Boutiques in this weeks PINK Friday Event, visit our PINK Friday page.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pink Friday at MMP

Wrap yourself in the cozy comforts of home, a steaming cup of cocoa, warm fuzzy slippers, cushy comfy quilts and pillows, then kick back and shop. From the “Cozy Comforts” of your home; we invite you to shop the boutiques at Make Mine Pink for our “Shopping with a Twist" event, Friday, Sept. 19.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

MMP Show & Tell Monday

Oh My, Oh My Look at these bottles! Truly a gem! Vintage liquor bottles turned in to beauty with vintage trade cards, vintage rhinestones, and pink satin ribbon. And the dog biscuit jar. Any treat would be pretty in this.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harvest Home~ Pink Friday at MMP!

Harvest Home at Pink Friday!
When I think of a Harvest Home it conjures up many memories of my favorite time of year. Memories of cinnamon potpourri simmering on the stove, homemade apple pies in the oven from apples hand-picked at our local orchard and memories of family and friends gathered around the fire sipping hot spiced cider and making plans for the upcoming Holiday season.A glance out the window, framed like a fine painting, reveals the tree lined streets ablaze with colors so rich and vibrant that it beckons you out of the cozy warmth of your home to explore and experience every nuance of the season. The crisp fall air surrounds and teases you with the a waft of smoke from a neighboring chimney. It becomes a game, guessing the type of wood burning, each with their own distinct fragrance.Every color and scent of the season brings a flood of old memories and begins painting new.You quicken your step to get home. Home to the cozy and inviting warmth of the fire softly glowing in the hearth of your Harvest Home.Warmest Regards,Joyce Lucas, Founder of Make Mine Pink

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Visit from Billy Ray Cyrus

Wow~ Did we have FUN! We woke up very early around 4 a.m, got dressed. We headed the the little diner ' Parkside Grill '. When we arrived there was a huge crowd. My older daughter Hayleigh worked to help with the crowd. We had a wonderful breakfast. Then here came BILLY RAY CYRUS in his big bus. The town was so excited getting pictures & autographs. He is so handsome & nice. Samantha just loved getting her picture taken with him. We are going to frame the picture & autograph and hang it in her room. What a experience!
We also got a interview from a reporter for the town newspaper. Samantha's picture will be on the front page Sunday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink

As the stress of the day fades away, we head to our bed and baths. We find sanctuaries of peace. Soul soothing delights for the bath and calming romantic colors for the bedroom. Time to renew our souls and refresh our minds. Sweet peace at last.Join Make Mine Pink for our next PINK Friday event as we present "Romantic Bed & Baths" on Friday September 5.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Show and Tell Monday at MMP

Show and Tell Monday at MMP
I found this ole' picture and frame at a resale shop. I fell in love with the photo of the women bathing in a old tub, look at her cute shoes. I shabbed out the frame with white paint. The corners of the frame is embellished with old brooches, earrings, and buttons. I thought this would be perfect for a shabby bathroom. Amazing how a old treasure can be made into a piece of art.
Wishing you a Happy Labor Day!

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