Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My New Friend & A Pillow

My New Friend & A Pillow

It was a week before Mother's Day and I was browsing through Ebay. I saw the prettiest pillow, I bid on the pillow & to my surprise, I won the pillow. I was so excited. A couple of days later the package arrived. When I opened the package it was wrapped in beautiful paper and said Happy Mother's Day. My heart melted, it was the loveliest surprise and a thoughtful touch. That was when a new friendship started. The pillow was the prettiest pillow I had ever seen, it was perfect and reminded me of my kids and the dog heading to the pond for a day of fishing. It had touched my heart and made me smile.

Now BeverlyJean sells her beautiful work in Shabby in Pink Boutique. We chat just about everyday, we have so much in common. Two creative women sharing what we love to do.

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I believe that the pillow was meant to bring a wonderful new friendship.

"Old friends are always best,

unless you can find a

new one to make and old

one out of."

Thank You BeverlyJean, I am so glad we met.

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Janet Bernasconi said...


This little story about how you met Beverley Jean touched my heart. The same thing happened to me 6 yrs ago. I listed one of my pillows on e-bay and a woman sent me an e-mail to let me know how much she loved that pillow. And from that one e-mail we became the best of friends. Her name is Jude Lassow. I also believe it was meant for me to meet her and form a beautiful friendship. Isn't it amazing how a pillow can make a difference? And by the way that pillow is truly spectacular. WOW...
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